Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slow & Easy Run After Work 4.18 mil (40:55 min)

I decided to go out for a quick but slow run.. I really try hard to keep a slow pace, but it seems like I started a bit fast. I managed to slow it down later on, and I have all the people of the town to thank for it.. why you say? Well, it seems as all of New Rochelle decided to come out to walk their dogs at the same time.

One of the things I hate is when people believe the whole walk path is for them and their dogs. I was forced to take walks along my run because of this. People did not care taking all the space while walking Fido.. I mean, seriously, why should walkers or runners have to take extra caution, when the dog owner should be the one with giving us this courtesy. They are the ones walking around with possible kill machines. You may say; Kill machines? you are over reacting... But sadly I have been witness of horrible dog attacks. A dog is a dog and as much as us humans love to make them feel part of our families, they are simply animals after all and can snap at any time, yes humans too, but we are not talking about that animal.

No human under 150lbs should be walking 2 pit-bulls at the same time. Any one under that weight will not be able to hold a single one if one is to go wild and loose. Not to mention 2, you'll be drag on the floor with ease. Even I would look like the dam dogs are walking me and not the other way around. On of this people was a girl. Easily 120-130 lbs. She was running with 2 pits, she had the leashes wrapped around her waist, yeah, like that will help you keep control of the dog. The next and worst of all; a couple on their 50-60s walking two Great Danes.. I wish I had taken my phone with me to take pics.. this things are huge, I could ride one as a horse.. Once I got to the open area of Glen Island it was better.

As I got out to the street to go back to the college, I got hit with a lot of traffic so crossing the streets was a bit harder. I took the same route Eliot and I did the day before and did pretty good i guess, a little slower on my over all pace due to the walks at the park, but over all kept a steady pace while running.. shin and ankle are bothering me today more than early this week, so I will deff not run Thursday or Friday. Maybe a quick  1-2 mile run on Sat to warm up for the JFK 5K Race on Sunday.  Once again, I will not be going for a PR on this race since I have the marathon coming up and I fear that if I go out for a PR I will cause more harm than good. If I happen to get a better time than last year, then so be it, but I will not be disappointed if I don't.

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