Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lunch Time Recovery Run With Eliot 4.04 mil (39:27 min)

Today promised to be a tough run. I had not run since Sunday's 20 miler and my legs were still feeling a bit sore. I left for lunch a bit earlier than usual because I was beginning to feel a bit hungry and I didn't want to be starving by the time I went out for a run. So happens that Eliot was also on his way to the gym. We meet up at the door and I was telling him that I was debating on running on the Treadmill or going outside. He said that he was going outside and if I wanted to tag along he was cool with it.

So I decided to go for an outdoor run with him. We were both doing a recovery run so he said that it was going to be a nice and easy run for him. We headed down towards Glen Island. He was wearing sandals. He said that he made them himself to train for barefoot running. It was interesting to be honest.. He was taking shorted strides while mine were longer. Surprisingly, we talked the entire run. I usually do not talk at all, but I was able to keep my pace while talking. There were times were I felt like I was running out of breath while talking but went away fairly quick.

The first mile was kinda easy.. I didn't really feel it. Once we got into Glen Island and hit the first hill, well lets just say I was tempted to take the first walk. Eliot kept running so I was not going to be a little bitch today and walk. We kept talking about races and times, and how close our two 5ks were to our marathon and half. Oh yeah.. funny thing.. we are both doing a race on the same day. May 2nd, He is doing a half and I am doing a full marathon, and we both have a 5K race a week or two before that. LOL anyway..

Mile 2 came up and I was still running and talking. We saw a guy we passed as we got into Glen Island and we both said at the same time.. Hey, didn't we pass him? hhmm cheater, he didn't make the whole loop. As we got out, he said, hey, I am going to make this a bit longer and keep going straight 'till Elm St and down to the college.. I said. ohh ok, I'll eventually catch up with you, he said "why? I didn't say I was sprinting" I said.. "well I have the feeling that hill right there will be my first walk at this point" he said "oh, come on, you'll be fine" so we tackled the hill, he looked like he was going downhill. Me on the other hand, looked God knows how. But we got to Elm street and turn only to get hit by another and bigger hill, "thank God for traffic lights" we hit our 2nd traffic light and only gave me 1-2 seconds rest. Managed to run all the way through and all the way to the front door of the Wellness Ctr.

We were not looking to beat a time or each other, so we took it slow. Good thing I ran with him today, he was my pacer today.. I told him that I usually have a really hard time keeping my pace and usually start out very fast, but today was really easy to do so. My legs feel much better now, but ankle is bothering me a bit. Last mile was on a slanted street so I did feel it reflected on my ankle. No run tomorrow till Thursday and Friday, followed by my 5K on Sunday. Happy with this 4 mile recovery with no walks at all. :), well maybe 2 few seconds pauses due to traffic lights. :-)

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