Monday, April 19, 2010

After Work Run 4.45 Mil (43:15 min)

This was a quick, slow run after work to Glen Island. Nothing really special about this one. I started a bit too fast, well not really, but my plan was to keep all miles in the mid 9's. My first mile was in the upper 8's and was doing good. However, upon entering the Island I found a bit too many dogs, so I had to take small walks here and there. I dunno about you, but I do not trust any one's dog but my own.

As I got out of Glen Island I reached mile 3, but started to feel my legs dragging. Mile 3-4 was all uphill on a slanted road, so I was forced to slow down big time. I tried to speed up but just didn't have it in me at all. I got blessed by some traffic lights that forced me to stop for a bit while waiting for the light to change.

Two minutes after getting back to the office, I got the call from Joyce that she was ready to pick me up. I will take a rest day tomorrow and do a quick 3 miler on Wednesday. Thursday, I will run home from work to make that a 7 mile run. Rest Friday and Sat and 10 miler on Sunday. Easy does it I guess.

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  1. The slanted roads are the worst. I'm always afraid it will lead to injury. Safer to take it easy, sounds like a good plan for the week.