Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Marathon vs. My Injury

Ok, so it seems like I will be doing this Marathon with an injury. I hope it won't get me to withdraw prior to the marathon.. Last attempt to a 20-21 mile run is this weekend and tapering afterwards while trying desperately to get that ankle to snap out of it. Is this a good idea? HELL NO.. but determination has conquered nations, why should a simple Marathon be any different?

My manager said to me today "Just weight the risk of more serious injury keeping your for more than 2 weeks against feeding your ego." My reply to that was "I know, I know.. trust me, I am man enough to admit defeat. If I can't do it, I will withdraw and will be cheering for Joyce and my dad since they will be doing the half that day". Hey, I never said they were smart answer did I? lol

He also threw this at me "My newest theory is that a person shouldn't do a marathon unless they have run seriously for at least 3 years" My answer: "LOL, valid theory, but gets overthrown by those who have never run in their lives, and manage to do a marathon with impressive finish times with less training than me.. I guess it is all about determination".. is this true? hmmm, in a way. Determination and training go hand and hand. You need determination to get off your ass and get running, and you need the training to endure.

My thought is; If I cannot pull the 20 mile run this weekend due to any serious pain or something similar, I will have to withdraw.. But crossing my fingers. I really, really wanna do this Marathon.. I don't want to be the only one at home without a marathon medal.. :-).. No pain, no gain, and if I don't try, I will never find out..

This injury came at the worse time.. then again, no injury announces itself. lol it has not been easy and it sure has put a lot of pressure and stress on me. So it will be fun and interesting to see who will win, The marathon or my injury.. :-) place your bets people... I got $10 on the Marathon.. LOL apparently my manager will top that one for the injury. LOL, I'll gladly take his $$.. lol


  1. You can do it regardless! If your run this weekend gets hairy ... do run walk intervals. JUST FINISH!

  2. Thanks Tom.. weather permits I will be shooting for that 20 miler.. I did get a brace that will help compress and hopefully will help on the running.