Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After Work Run In The Heat 4.34 miles (45:40 min)

I had made up my mind to go out for a run after work while I waited for Joyce to come pick me up. And so I did.. :-) the temp was in the high 80's, but some what breezy. A coworker had asked to join me for the run, and I agree to go with her. She is Annie from DM. She tried to withdraw from the run by coming up with a bunch excuses..."it's too hot. I can't find my pants. I don't have a shirt" lol So luckily I had a spare shirt and she had no choice but to run at that point.. :-)

The run was tough, but I managed to run it. My pave and splits socked big time for the following reasons:

1- We walked too long before we started to run,
2- Close to reaching the 1st mile I had to stop and and wait for Annie, who at that point was about 1/2 mile behind, "and I was trying to keep a slow pace due to my ankle".
3- Upon reaching mile 1, I had to wait again for Annie as I crossed the bridge in Glen Island.
4- Upon coming to the Island exit, the bridge went up so I had to wait.
5- My shin started to hurt again                                            
5- Heat really got to me

I lost Annie after Mile 1. I was waiting for Annie at Glen Island, and after a few minutes of not seeing her, I finally saw her standing at a nearby docking port waving at me and telling me to keep going.. lol so I did.. but by then the heat really got to me. By the time I reached mile 3, the heat had made a number on me.. My water which was iced cold when I left was already hot. I managed to get back and not finish the bottle of water.

I hope my run tomorrow will be better.. will attempt  to run home from the office.

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