Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easy Does It Run Home From Work 7.15 mil (1:15 hrs)

This is the run I had been dying to do since last year. Funny how things work. Last year I was desperate to run home from work and now that I get the chance to do it, I get to do it not being 100%. Oh well, I have all summer to do it again. :-)
I decided to do this run since last week, and I was not planning on letting anything stop me.. Since the ankle has been iffy, I decided to go nice and easy, without over doing it and making sure I kept a steady but slow pace. The first two miles were a bit hard due to the hills. Not huge hills, but a lot of them. Once I got out of New Rochelle the run because a bit more steady.. I made sure to take walk brakes on every mile or so to make sure the ankle got some rest.. I was not worried about pace or time, I knew it was going to be a bad run if I based it on time and pace.

I saw Joyce drive by on her way to pick my stuff up from the office, I was at mile 4. I was waving my arms to see if I can get her to see me but no luck. :-( I got to mile 5 when I got the text from Joyce saying that she had picked up my stuff and on her way back.. I got about 3 blocks away from the house "Mile 6+" But I really wanted 7 miles today so I turned towards Randall Ave, 2 min later I got a call from Joyce telling me that she was just getting home.. Which means two things:

1- If I had been 100% today, I would have been waiting for her sitting on the sidewalk since I didn't have my keys. Maybe for about 10-15 minutes.
2- If I had finished my run without shooting for 7 miles, we would have gotten home at the same time. :-) LOL

Over all the run was great,,, even though the pace sucked.. it was very relaxing to run after work and just cruise on the road. As I got home, Joyce said "You ready to go to the park?" I said huh? she said "you promised Jocelyn we were going so she could bike"... oops, I completely forgot about it. What was I to do? well, shower, suck it up and go to the park... :-) the smile on Jocelyn's face is priceless. We had fun and mommy got to roller blade for a bit too. On our way home, we picked up some ice cream and ate it on our way home. Like I said.. it was just great..

Rest till Sunday when a 20 mile is due and from there on, is all easy runs while resting the ankle as much as possible.

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