Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back In The Game 6.32 mil (58:42 min)

Ok, so today is not my regular run day. But I wanted to do at least 5 miles before tomorrow's 10 mile attempt. Since Joyce had gone for her run, I decided to jump on the treadmill (after all, isn't that why we got it in the first place?) I decided to go slow and not kill myself trying to beat a time.. just run and get the legs moving and used to running again.

The first few miles went ok, so I was thinking to go for 8-10 miles, but got interrupted by Jocelyn who wanted paper to color. After mile 4 I got interrupted again, she wanted Oatmeal lol. Around mile 5 I ran out of water and I was too hot, so I had to stop to do #1 and get more water... After this, the thrill of doing 10 was lost and my goal was just to do a 10K (6 miles).

Joyce walked in right before I got to mile 6 and was surprised to see me running today, but was very supportive. I was telling Joyce that I noticed I am afraid to put too much pressure on my left foot now, but in doing that, I am putting too much pressure on my right leg and it starts to hurt after a bit.. and I can't find a way to even it out.. so Lots of work ahead to get back to full trust. Will be fun to work on it.

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