Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Walk To Work .75 mil (13.36 min)

As we all know by now in our lives, days do not go as planned, ever.. lol Today was Joyce's second day at her new job and the first time she drove there on her own.  I was the first one out of the house and noticed that the left rear tire was low, and on top of that, the tank was almost empty. Uggghh. We left the house with enough time, but on the way to daycare, traffic slowed us down and lost a lot of time.. The plan?

1- Drop off Jocelyn at daycare
2- Fill up and check the tire pressure had to be added
3- Drop me off at the college 
4- Get to White Plains by 8:55am 

I didn't check the tire pressure before leaving the house, but I knew it was very low.. We got to daycare by 8 am. I took over driving from daycare to the college so we could get there faster.. no, not because Joyce is a slow driver, but because I  know the route pretty well vs, Joyce driving it for the first time.  We stopped to fill up and I remembered the tire… lol geez. I checked the pressure, the dam thing was at barely 15 out of 32psi.  Every other tire was fine. Got the tire pressure back to normal and then filled up; by then it was already 8:17 am. I drove to work on i95 and got off my regular exit. it was 8:20-8:22 am,, Joyce still had plenty of time to get to work if she was to drop me off at the college, but she would have to drive like me 80's-90's to get there by 8:50. To make sure she had plenty of time without rushing, I decided to get off at Home Depot and walk the rest to work. I even had time to stop and get breakfast, lol. So I pulled out my Garmin (good thing I brought it w/me) and I ended up walking almost a mile to work, so not bad.. the only thing is that now my shoulders are hurting a bit. I was carrying my laptop and my gym bag so I was probably carrying about 20-30lbs on me. It felt as if I was carrying Jocelyn the entire time. 

I got to work with plenty of time and to my satisfaction, so did Joyce. She called me at 8:50 that she had arrived and that everything was ok. :-) .. The day is gorgeous and will be a shame if I cant run outside today. So I am looking forward to lunch time. 

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