Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Outdoor Lunch Run Of The Season 4.15 mil (38:53 min)

As I stated earlier, today is gorgeous and it would have been a shame to not go out for a run. In a quick chat with my manager and another coworker, we all agreed that we will run outside today. I was not able to meet them for the run due to some work orders that came in at the last minute. By the time I started to walk to the Wellness center, they were just coming back from Glen Island. 

I got my gear on and headed out. I started out too fast without noticing it. I thought I was going very slow at first so I picked it up without checking the Garmin or my Nike for the pace.. I noticed that I began to feel out of breath as I was coming to the first mile. I checked the Garmin then, and I was doing a 7:28 pace at .90 mil. I had to slow it down big time because I was getting tired and my legs were feeling it. The route is full of ups and downs and I still had 3 more miles to go… You can see my splits drop big time. I have been able to do this route in 34-35 min.. today I finished in 38+ minutes. 

My left shin is hurting a bit.. Like a pinching pain. Sadly the caf is closed here so I cant get ice.. I'll ice it later tonight when I get home. I should be fine to run tomorrow, so it will be another outdoor run.. looks like outdoors from here on.. Woohoo. This is why I got a freaking Garmin after all. lol

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