Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunch Run 6.20 mil (54:49 min)

This was a really good run.. Felt great throughout the entire run. I was originally planning to do only 4.57 miles, to compare last night's run. I did much better.. Finish time 40.08 min and a 8:46 pace. HAHA,, not too bad.. not that much difference, but still 2 minutes is 2 minutes.. :-)

Right before completing the 4.57 distance I decided to hit 5 miles. I had my iPhone and gave Joyce the time and distance.. and she said.. "why don't you go for 6.2? you only have 1.7 to go"  I said.. "Maybe I will" lol So I did. LOL..  I love it when I get challenged and I actually manage to pull it off.
My nike is off.. giving me 6.51 in 54:49 with a pace of 8'25".. I wish. The only correct info here is the time. LOL. Then again, it could be the treadmill. Maybe I actually ran 6.51 with my best time ever for a 10K. why? because when I run at home, my Nike is always behind by exactly .03. and it has always been that way since we got the treadmill. But for this run, I will use the record from the treadmill I used.

Rest day tomorrow.. Long run Saturday.. just 10 miles because I have a 5 mile race on Sunday.. busy weekend.

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