Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blah 10k Run (6.26 miles in 1:04:27 hrs)

I finally got my ass out of the house and ran outside. I wanted to go for a run today and enjoy it. I was not planning to really pay attention to time or pace, I just wanted to cruise. After noticing that it took me longer than usual to get to 1 mile, the time and pace became a factor on my run.. legs felt a bit tight but loosened up by mile 2. However, I was feeling tired by mile 2.. I was shocked to feel this way. After all, I have been able to blaze through this route all the way to 4 miles at a steady pace. I guess not running outside for a while does take it's toll.

The day was beautiful for a run, but a bit too windy. At least up here. There were times when I really felt the wind pushing back, but I do not contribute my bad run to the wind. Luckily, my knees and legs are not hurting at all. My nike is acting up, not sure if the battery is running out, but I haven't gotten any warnings about the battery yet. Based on the graph my pace dropped a lot several times, and the total distance was .10 less than the Garmin. Anyway, I am going with the Garmin results.

I had to do a quick loop around the block, once I got to the house, in order to pull the 10K. Overall, I think the run was a good overview of where I stand.. Sadly, it means I have to get my ass moving and get my head in the game. I have the Long Island Marathon coming in a few weeks, and I can't afford to let anything stand on my way of training. Plan for the upcoming weeks.. 13 miler this sunday.. Either on the treadmill or outside.. 16 for the following Sunday. 19 for the one after, and 22-24 miles after that.. No more excuses. This whole week that we are off will help to get back in the game.
After the run, we had to run some errands. On our way back, we ended up at the park with Jocelyn. We all had a blast at the park.. Jocelyn got to run loose while Mommy chased her. Jocelyn learned to swing herself (well, she got the idea). Played some soccer and taught the two gils how to kick. LOL..
Ended our day at home, waiting for that roasted chicken mommy is making. mm mm mmm, that smells good. Tomorrow We are hitting the Zoo.. God help us.. lol........

Here are some pictures of our day at the park. Pictures

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