Thursday, March 4, 2010

Late Night Run At Home 4.57 mil (41.51 min)

Boy am I rusty.. in the past 2 weeks, I have not been able to put in a decent workout. Time, tiredness and other priorities have taking my time.. I almost didn't run today, I was so tired from a long day at work and a few hrs at my parents after work.. dinner was good though, but bad.. very bad... lol.. Anyway, the main point is that I managed to put in a run.

Using iFit with our treadmill, I selected a short 4.25 mile run. This route starts at work, down to Glen Island and back to work. In days with good weather I usually do this route at lunch time. The run is full of small but long hills, and some short but big hills. It is a perfect way to restart  your workout routine. My knees feel good and ITB are good too.

This weekend promises to be great with great weather. Can't wait to go for a long run, lets see if I manage to do one.. :)

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