Saturday, February 27, 2010

Late Night Run at Home 6.02 mil (57:50 min)

We had a great day at home. After a long day of relaxing, snow shoveling, clearing the car and snow ball fighting, the time came to get serious and put on a workout. We got our new toy which enhances our Nordic Track Treadmill, The iFit. I mapped a couple of routes and picked a 6.02 run. This route starts at home down and through Pelham Bay Park to the end of the bridge which leads to City Island and Orchard Beach, and then backtrack home.

I have not run this route in months so I am not sure what my time and pace was to compare. One thing is for sure, today's time should have been better. I kept the speed set at 6.8 -7.0 thought out the run, and believe me, it was as difficult as the actual route is. The iFit definitely did it's job. This run was extremely challenging, keeping a fixed speed/pace was a killer, but a great sweat.

It was really funny to tell myself, "I know exactly where I am"... lol, I know this route so well, that I knew exactly where each half mile was. Towards the end of the run I told Joyce, "hey, I just got to Edison" LOL  which is the street leading to the house. So far I am liking this iFit thing.

After the run I did a quick core workout.

30 chinups with my legs straight
10 pullus
30 knee lifts

Now I am ready to go to bed and get some rest. :-)

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