Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Attempt To Run 4.19 mil (42:40 Min)

Today I decided to go slow. I wanted to make sure I would not injured myself.  My shin was bothering me a bit, so I wanted to test how far I could go without killing myself. I ate a sneaker bar about half an hour prior to the run. My lunch had not arrived yet and I wanted to at least have something in my stomach. I figured I'll eat after the run. I went out and started at 8:57 pace, which is what I usually do on the Treadmill, but soon noticed that it was still too fast.  You can see on my splits how much I slowed down.

I think I found what caused the pain.. The road on the first 2 miles is not only hilly, but slanted. So when my foot lands it lands a bit twisted.. I need to find a new route to compensate for the first 2 miles.. uggh.. Over all, the run went well. I though I was going to stop at Mile 1 but ended up pulling a 4 miler.. I don't think I will be running tomorrow, but may end up going to the wellness for some weights or something to keep active..  Currently icing the shin since it is bothering me a lot now.. Joyce says it looks swollen.. :-( but doing ok. :-) I have a 4 mile relay race on Sunday so some rest should do the trick..

I never got to post my run till 11:45 PM.. uggh.. I was on my way out of the Wellness Center when I got a call from the office about a quick work order. I figured my lunch was already there so I'll would eat it no later than 3:30 once I was done with the work order. I never made it back to the office in time to eat lunch. I finished my work order at 4:50 giving me enough time to stop by my manager's office to pick up some shoes he wanted me to try Saucony Pro Grid 7 and 8.. The 8 is brand new in the box, he never used it and the 7 he said he used 3 times only.. You can tell they were never really used.. for $60 both pairs, its a pretty good deal. After picking them up, I rushed to the office to get my laptop and rushed to daycare to get Jocelyn.. In the rush, I forgot to take my lunch with me, I was going to try to eat on the road, but oh well... at least I have lunch for tomorrow.. After getting Jocelyn I took off to get Joyce at White Plains.. Got home by 6:30 and picked up sushi for dinner. Didn't get to eat 'till 7pm since breakfast (9am)... I was so tired, I crashed on the sofa and apparently I was snoring... lol I feel better after that little nap... ready for some coffee. :-)

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