Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Core Workout 45 Min

Today is not my long run day, but woke up with the itch to do some type of workout. After breakfast and a  nice relaxing time with my two girls.. I pulled out the Iron Gym Bar out and did a couple of reps.
I began with 50 chinups. Twenty of them with my legs straight forward.

I moved on to regular pullups. I managed to do 30 of them. I noticed today that these are becoming a bit easier to do, but I have to push the last 5 or so.. LOL. If you ask me, it is a big improvement in just about a month's time.

After the pullups I moved on to Knee Lifts/Hanging Leg Raise. I like this exercise better than regular crunches. I managed to do 50 of this suckers.. Last sets were 30 more of these guys again but to the sides. for some reason I find them as hard as the regular pullups. Oh well, the more I do it I guess the easier it'l get.

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