Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday's Long Run 13.07 mil (2:02 Hrs)

I got up this morning and I woke up ready to take on the world with a 13-16 mile run. Then a brutal 17 degree weather with 20 mph wind hit me.. lol So I stayed for breakfast.
I left the house for the gym around 12:30.. Went to pick up my dad because he needed my car and he drop me off at Planet Fitness.  The place was packed; the second floor machines were all full but one. When I got on it.. it was out of service.. I went downstairs and there were only 2 available.. a lady saw me walking towards it and she ran to grab the one by the wall... She got on and took her time to begin her workout. I put my water on the treadmill next to hers while I stripped.. well I just took my sweatpants and sweater off.. I got to fold it and put it on the floor and the lady had not started her treadmill. I got on mine and started my workout.. When the lady was ready to start.. LOL her machine was not working.. LMAO needless to say, she was pissed. She got off of it cussing and stood by the wall to wait for machine. She gave up before a machine was free.

I got 3 miles straight.. Before the heat got to me and needed a drink. The machines on the first floor have individual fans but even with that it was too hot.. after that I managed to run 2 miles before walking for a drink. I did this till I hit 10 miles so I was impressed I managed to this like this.. :) usually I have to walk every mile after mile 4-5. I am putting something together to explain why I have to do this..

I was going to run home from the gym which is 2 miles. But it was a bit too cold to do this in just sweats and a sweater and no cap and gloves.. So my dad picked me up from the gym and now waiting for dinner to be ready and enjoy a nice piece of steak.

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