Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch Time Run With A Total Babe 9.01mil (1:27:53 hrs)

Joyce and I had to take a day off from work to get some very important errands done. Our day started at 7am and it was none stop. We were done with everything by 1pm or so. We were faced with two questions;

1- Go home, have a nice lunch together and relax.
2- Go home, grab our gear and get our asses to the gym and then lunch.

Number 2 won. We rushed home and changed into our workout clothes and headed out to the gym. I was planning to do 10 miles since I seemed to have the time to do it. We figured we were not going to have a problems getting a machine and expected the place to be deserted. At first we were shocked at the fact that there was no parking at the parking lot. We parked 2 blocks away. Walked in and BAM!! place was
packed.. the first thought was.. What? this people don't work? LOL to later realize that I didn't go to work either. LOL

Since we had to park on the street we were under a 2 hr limit. I was only able to do 9 miles out of the 10 fearing to get a ticket. The run was ok not an incredible run, but it was a good way to close a busy day. I was not trying to do a race or beat any time so I took it nice and easy. Nothing crazy happened at the gym.. just this crazy guy next to me that annoyed the crap out of me... He would run for about 3-4 min and the set the machine at a high speed and you could tell he was having a hard time with and the next thing you know he would grab the TM's bars and jump to the side. The sound of him jumping was the annoying part.. he did this for about 45 min... uuughhh.

Joyce finished before me so she had to wait for my last mile. On out way out we got sushi for lunch and had a nice relaxing lunch at home while watching Ninja Warrior.. Joyce's favorite show.. My goodness, not a day goes by without this show being played on out TV. lol Funniest part is that now Jocelyn started to ask for this show as well.. "Daddy, I wan wash nina wawior"

Over all today was a very productive day and just happened to be an amazing date in a way with the most wonderful woman in the planet. One of those days you don't want to end.

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