Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday's Halfway Long Run 8.20 mil (1:14 hrs)

I was originally planning to run in the morning. However, when I woke up, the temps were 17-18.. Bbbrrrrrrr,.. no way man... My clothes are good for the cold but in the 30's lol. So We went went out to do some errands first. We got home around 5 PM and my lovely wife said "you are going to go run right?" so I got dressed and headed out to the Gym.

Gym closes at 7pm so I was trying to beat the clock. The gym had barely any one so the Treadmills were free. I was shooting for 10 miles, but the clock beat me.. lol. Since the original plan was to run 10 miles, I decided to run at a slower pace. I took
it nice and slow on the first 3 miles, but after calculating the time I figured I was not going to make 10 miles, so I started to play with the speed settings running at times at a 7:40 pace. I started doing this a bit too late in the run, otherwise my overall pace would have been much better.

No crazy people at the gym today, thank God.. I finished my run 10 min before closing time. When I got home my parents were there. They had come over for dinner. I manger to do a bonus 30 chinups with straight legs. Took a shower and sat down to enjoy one mean roast beef my baby has master over the years. I am serious.. It was freaking delicious. Thanks baby. The roast beef was amazing but you had to make the night even better by baking banana/apple puffs, oh yeah, from scratch. Simply amazing.

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