Tuesday, February 2, 2010

After Work 6.30 Miler (57:07 Min)

I started up about half hour late, thanks to a last minute wireless issue a student was having. She came in 10 to 7. The setup should have been easy and painless, but it turned out to be a complex one. I had to try everything possible to get it to work before telling her that it was not going to work for her just in case she would come back the next day and complaint. I was not able to get this problem resolved so I told her that I was sorry but it was not going to happen tonight. by then it was 7:20-7:25.

I called Joyce to let her know I was on my way to the gym and closed the office. The place was packed at the first floor, because there was a Volleyball match going. The pool and the fitness room were deserted. There were only two of us running at that time, a cyclist from the neighborhood and me. 15 minutes later Chatdalin came in with her roomate and other friends for a total of 9 people now in the fitness room.
She went to the pool for a couple of laps.. I thought she would swim like she runs.. lol but I was surprised on the way she handled the laps. Her friends stayed at the fitness room and were jumping from machine to machine. You could clearly see that they had no idea what they were doing.  By mile 3 on my run, they got on the other treadmills and decided to learn to run and found out that you do not stop while the belt is still going. LOL I swear, if that girl had not grabbed the TM's handle she would have broken her neck against one of the weight machines. I could not help myself to laugh, but oh well.

I kept my pace for about 3 miles.. and did some speed work for the remaining 3 miles... My Nike is off by .30 giving me a 6.01 mile run while the treadmill showed 6.30. Oh well, I am going to have to calibrate this thing all over again. ugggghh. For some reason my legs have been feeling tight specially my calves. I will try to foam roll tonight.
I got home to an spectacular Salmon with Kuskus. It was delicious. My dad joined us for dinner. He had taken my mom to JFK Airport.. we both enjoyed it very much.. and i am not a fish eater.. Sushi, sure but that was about it. But the Salmon was to die for.. really, that good. Thanks sweetie.

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