Sunday, January 31, 2010

Late Night Light Core

I was not planning on doing anything today, but I kinda felt bad, not to mention the fact that my body kinda was asking to do some.. you know the feeling you get once you get into a workout routine and the body starts asking for it.. so I did a quick light 30 min workout.

I decided to start with Chinups this time. However I did them with my legs straight forward rather than a regular Chinup which is done with the legs hanging. I did not expected them to be that hard, but they were. lol I kinda liked them.. it felt good to feel the burn on your arms as well as the abs. The picture shows the actual reps I did and a regular Chinup because my iPhone app does not have one of the actual workout I did. This one is going to become one of my favorites right up there with the knee lifts.

Right after I did Knee Lifts. the iPhone app has this as a Hanging Leg Raise. I am not sure if they are different, but according to the instructions in the app, they are done the same way. I was originally planning to do only 20 because I was going to do some Pullups, but they felt good so I decided to add another 2 sets for a total of 40. I think I will be adding another set or two by this Monday.

I wanted to do at least 20 Pullups. HA.! I was only able to do 10 of them. lol I tried to push harder but nothing. My arms were too tired by then. I am not sure why this happens. Maybe I am not giving my body enough rest in between workouts or workout days? I'll try moving some things around to find a way to add as many different workouts and reps as possible to get the most out of my workout.  I have also been contemplating the idea of taking creatine, but I have been doing OK so far without the needs of any supplements. Ahhhh decisions, decisions.

After this, I wanted to do some crunches. Regular crunches using my Iron Gym Bar.. I love this thing.. lol Any way, I had it all set up and I began to do some, but after 5 or so, I started to feel my right thigh pulling me rather just assisting me. I attribute this to apartment's floor. LOL why? well it is uneven and the way the Iron Gym Bar is set for this exercise I guess needs to be a straight as possible. In my case, the right side was higher than the left, making my body use the right leg more than it needs to to pull up. So I had to stop and call it quits on those since I plan to run a quick 10 miler on Sunday, and didn't want my thigh to be a problem on this run.

Over all, this workout went as expected on the original planned workouts. Oh yeah, it has only been 3 weeks and very happy with the results so far. I can see some difference on the body shape. I it is currently more noticeable on my arms and chest and a tiny bit on the abs. But the important thing is that it is moving along. Woohooo..

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