Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lunch Time Run 6.10 mil (56.32 min)

Got to the wellness a bit earlier today since I had a work order at the building next to it.. So I took advantage of the time.  I kept a nice easy pace throughout the run.
Apparently most of the IT dept decided to hit the gym today. lol My manager was at the pool and other 2 guys were at the treadmills.(they were just walking.. HAHA) lol.. Rashmi a former college employee was there.. she has been trying to go the gym for the longest time and she finally made it.. so that was a nice surprise.. She was talking to me while I was running and I didn't know how to tell her to shut up lol but oh well. she mentioned that she was taking boxing.. and was wondering if I wanted to join her.. Told her I like to watch boxing, but I am too fragile to take a punch.. lol I bruise easily.. lol (not kidding)

My Nike thing is still off.. it showed less distance than the TM.. but the same time. lol I didn't have time to calibrate it today so I will do so tomorrow hopefully. Nike is off by .10 not much but still enough to bother me.
I felt like my legs could have done more but ran out of time.

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