Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SOB Hill Killed My Quads Run 5.07 mil (46:25 min)

Ok lets begging by saying. OMG... lol my freaking quads were killing me.. I did not fell it Sunday afternoon, I did not feel it Monday all day. Why oh why did I have to feel it today? In an attempt to beat that big ass hill at Prospect Park on Sunday, my legs got the best of it. I woke up this morning with my legs feeling a bit sore and tight. 

I was originally thinking of running at night, but had to change my plans, and thank God I did. If I waited until tonight, I would have not been able to run much. I made sure it stretched before the run to help the situation. I warmed up for about 5 min,,"not counting this time on my over all run." But call my quads Dominic the donkey, because they did not want to cooperate today. This suckers were killing me on the first mile. The discomfort was so bad that I wanted to give up on my first mile. I managed to push 3 miles before taking a quick walk.. You know how donkeys quick back if you try and force them to go? well same thing for me today.. upon resuming the run, Ohh boy, they complained.. I felt that at the speed I was going my legs were feeling heavy, so whether I did wrong or not, I increased the speed. Felt better for the remaining of the next 2 miles. 

I was shooting for 6 miles since I was not going to do my regular Tuesday night 8 miler, but I could not take it any more. Call me wuss for quitting, but I feared I was going to injured myself if I kept going. My Nike+ recorder 5.02 miles but the treadmill showed 5.07 yeah.. big difference.. lol. I got back to the office and Oh Lord, I look like I have a rash on my butt.. lol I walk funny I was told... 
Right now I am improvising and using what I have. I can't foam roll my legs, so I am Gatorading my legs.. lol in other words, I am simply using the 20oz bottle of Gatorade I bought to roll it on my legs..Oh yeah, the pic shows the exact same flavor I bought... orange all the way baby..... lol.... it was empty when I started and felt ok. I filled it up with cold water, and awwww it's heaven.. feels really good. (ps, this is a patented idea,. LMAO,, just kidding) 

Ran out of time for the 5.75 challenge on DM but Oh well, it's all good. Now getting ready for my late night at work.. :-( any one wants stay 'till 7 for me?  

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