Friday, January 22, 2010

Who's your daddy B!%#? 5.60 mil Run

Today was the first day I used the new membership at Planet Fitness after 3 weeks of joining.

I had the day of today but had some things to take care of with Joyce and did not have time to go for a run in the morning, so after picking up Jocelyn from daycare I got dressed and ready and went to the gym.

I was wearing sweats and a big sweater making me look like the old me.. (heavy) when I got up to the 2nd floor where a second set of treadmills and elliptical machine are I over heard to girls say "Oh another fat one" I ignored it and just proceeded to put my keys and my bottle of gatorade down. I took off my sweater and the same ones said "ohh" lol
I started my run nice and easy at a pace of 8:57. Half way into the first mile a couple come up trash talking every one in general.. "how they were going to teach every one how it's done" I have never seen people like that at a Gym. The guy came up to me and asked if they could run next to me.. I said sure.
As the guy was getting his TM ready he leaned over towards me and said "Oh hey lets see what you are doing.. that doesn't look so tough, lets see if we can do better." I just smiled and said go for it you F&^%# jerk. (the name call was in my head).

The guy started at my speed setting "6.7". I had already been running for a whole mile by then. His wife/GF was running at a very slow pace.. The guy looked like he was struggling from the very beginning but kept going for a good 10 min before lowering the speed.. lol.. I got to 3 miles before the sauna room like temperature got to me and I had to take a quick walk for some gatorade. This time I only made it a .10 walk and upon resuming my run I increased the speed to 7.2 until mile 4, giving me a pace of 8:20 or so. I had to take another sip so I had to walk for another .10 By the time I got mile 4 I over looked at the guys TM and saw he only had run 1.95.. he gave up at mile 2 and said.. "wow, well I am done those weights before my run drained me" LMAO I smile and said.. well take care.. but in my head I was saying "idiot, I saw you walk up here right from the street, you never hit the weights.. who's you daddy B!^%?" lol as they were leaving, he said to his wife "wow, he still goes faster?" LOL

I did my last mile at speed set 6.8 giving me a pace of 8:40 if I am not mistaken. The heat was killing me and I looked like I had taken a shower while dressed.. I stopped at 5.11.. I wanted to calibrate my iphone so I did .25 walking and .25 running to do so. However this half mile does not count as a workout under the Nike+ history, but oh well I used this as a cool down.
Got home to shower and to enjoy some mean spaghetti with home made turkey meatballs and garlic bread.. freaking delicious. Did I mention that the sauce was also home made?  thanks baby. you are simply amazing.. you.

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  1. Wow, never heard so much banter at the gym! Way to go...

  2. Me either. Made me miss the Gym at work..