Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Long Run 16.13mil (3:03hrs)

This is by far the longest run I have ever done. I mapped it last night and it gave me a 16.56 mile run, but when I ran it it was less. Oh well, the goal was to run 16 miles so who cares if it is 16.56 or 16.01, right?

Due to the fact that Long Island's route appears to be hilly, I have decided to do all my long runs in a hilly area. Seems like a smart move right? Well, I'd like to think so.

The weather was great, not cold, not hot, barely any win. There was rain in the forecast, so beating it was a must. My legs were not in the mood to run today and I really wanted to turn back after mile 4. But I figured I only had 12 more miles to go to complete the run so I kept going. At mile 6 I found my excuse to turn back home when a drizzle began to fall but 5 minutes later it stopped..boohoo for me. lol The entire run was full of small, long, and steep hills so the whole run was a challenge and not easy at any point.

My splits are some how steady, but are definitely not my best. However, I estimated this run to take me 3hrs, and I hit it right on the money.
Surprisingly, I don't feel exhausted. The only thing that hurts are my shoulders.. LOL my legs and feet are ok. Well they hurt, but there were sore to begging with and they do not feel any worse than they did before I went out this morning.

1= 9:40 9= 11:55
2= 9:49 10= 12:02
3= 11:10 11= 11:19
4= 11:36 12= 11:35
5= 11:23 13= 11:11
6= 12:23 14= 10:51
7= 11:15 15= 11:45
8= 11:43 16= 11:58


  1. Great job on your long run today, and congrats on the distance PR with lots of hills.