Friday, January 22, 2010

Cinderella's Core Workout 20 min

Ok so I did not do the minimum 30 min for the 3 month challenge, but I got on the chin-up bar like a hungry monkey reaching for the banana on the tree.. LOL
I did have to push myself to get to it. It was freaking midnight by the time I got do it. (Cinderella, midnight.. get it?)

The workout was the following:

- 8 chin-ups (I didn't make it to 10 first time because Joyce kept teasing me and making grrrrr, Wow, hay papi, sounds and others I am not at liberty to disclose) LOL j/k but she was making the first 3.

- 30 chin-ups (this is when Joyce went to take a shower)
- 30 knee lifts
- 5 Pull-ups
- 1 Combined single arm pull up (half way up with the left and half way up with the right) LOL sorry but what did you expect on my first try for this one?
This concludes my 2nd day of the challenge.. The main thing is to get into the habit of doing it. But I have to stick to the plan, otherwise it is not a challenge.

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