Monday, January 25, 2010

Recovery Lunch Run 5.8 Mil (48:08 min)

Ok, so I ran 16+ miles yesterday and my legs are now feeling the effects of running in a hilly area, but I had in my head since last night that I had to run at least 5 miles today and put the boy further up on the Nike challenge.

I got my stuff ready this morning in a rush but I made sure I added everything I needed. Before I left for the gym, I looked outside and it was still pouring, so I was not feeling that joyful to go, but pushed myself to do so.. Got to the gym, a bit wet but ok, got dresses and started running. I had an ok run and my manager got to joined me today as well. We were talking while running which is something I don't usually do. I remember the last day I forgot my towel and I was laughing to myself at one point. I got to 5 miles and I left for the showers... He stayed behind.. I wanted to do more but my legs were saying "What the hell is wrong with you?" so I went to take a shower. I took my towel and showered...

You know.. you could forget your towel, you could forget a new pair of socks, you may even forget to bring your toothbrush.. but you can never forget you underwear.. yes, I did.. I could have swear I put a pair in my bag but if i did Houdini took it, because they did one hell of a disappearing act. lol I would have not mind not having any if I was wearing jeans, but dress pants? LMAO I feel so exposed.. LOL
This is one for the books.. lol and I know Joyce is not going to let me forget. lol Oh well there is only one more hr left and will be stock at my desk till 5 so it works out ok.  I should have listen to the rain earlier and not gone for a run. lol.. All I need now is to be sent to the President's office now for a work order. I am LMAO as I am typing and my co-workers keep asking me what's so funny..


  1. Yep, this one is definitely going in the books for Houdini! LMAO!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!