Thursday, January 7, 2010

Second Day Of Training.. A failure?

Ok, so I went to sleep very late on Tuesday and the 6 miles I ran that night took a lot out of me. Sad huh?
Well the whole day today Wednesday, my legs were so sore my right knee was hurting a bit but nothing I have not felt before. My decision was to take it easy and not run to make sure I would not put my knee in so much stress and risk being out due to injury. My thought was to do some core training but I decided to do it at home... BIG mistake. By the time I go home I was so tired that I crashed on the sofa right after having dinner. Joyce tells me that I was snoring LOL and She could not wake me up.. :-(
We were supposed to take down the Christmas Tree tonight, and she ended up doing it on her own. It was not a big tree nor heavy, but I bet that thing was not easy to take out..  So today was a step back for me..

Looks like I will have to crank it up for the rest of the week.. I got 94 miles to go to the 100 for the January.


  1. Israel, not a failure in any way. Tomorrow (Thursday) is another day. You're doing well. Make it an easy run and see how the legs feel. Take care

  2. Don't beat yourself up man! Its still early in your training. The whole reason to train is to make progress! You will improve by leaps and bounds trust me!!!

  3. It is all about setting realistic goals. For my first marathon, I trained months and months and then couldn't do another for 2 years.

    You've got to easy into it, keep yourself healthy, and then pound out the 100+ mile months and marathons when you get up to full stride.

    Going out too hard, too fast, or too much, is one good way to get injured and ruin the year!

  4. Thanks guys. I guess the fact that I have been procrastinating the workouts for two weeks is getting to me.. I just don't want to fall into a lazy state of mind. lol