Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First 2010 Run And Day Of Training

I have to say, I was not expecting this run to be so dam hard. To be honest, I was looking for an excuse not to run today. I was feeling tired all day and a bit sleepy since I went to bed really late the night before, but as the day went on and I kept getting comments on DailyMile and on my other blog I felt the need and pressure to get my ass to the Wellness Center at work and run.

My run started slow but steady for the first 2 miles I kept a pace of 9:12-9:20. I can usually run 4 or 5 miles straight at an 8:40's pace, but since I have been out for a while it took me a while to get my legs warmed up. So I got tired and had to walk for about .20 of a mile.. That is a lot to be honest. After this I had to do the same for the rest of the run until Mile 6. I kept increasing the the speed on the Treadmill after mile 3 to a 8:12 pace at mile 5. However my over all pace ended up on the upper 9's.. not my dream pace but for coming back from a long break I think it was good.

I love the wellness at work, it is a great facility with great people,, well some are anyway. But the temperature control does suck big time. The fitness room was so freaking hot I had to literately stop at mile 4, Go out to the hallway for some cool air and a bottle of water and then come back and use one of the only 2 machines with integrated fans. I was feeling dizzy before going to the hallway but felt much better after that.

Unfortunate or lucky?, you'll be the judge after this; Some people were running including some work studies and a coworker, and the treadmills are located right at the entrance of the fitness room overlooking the glass wall towards the pool. At night time that glass acts as a mirror. Well, a work-study who was running next to me and who happens to be one of those rare cool/nice ones. She was running under one of the TVs (I mean literality right under it) and was doing what seemed to be speed work, but she looked more like she was a drunk trying to run on a straight line LOL. Well she was wearing a tank and sweats.. you may think "hey that is an Ok outfit for a workout" yes, but not so good when the only bra you are using is the one the tank came with and running like a maniac on a treadmill. She was so busy watching Family guy and cracking up that she did not noticed that her left boob came out. I was like.. WOW. I didn't know what to do or how to tell her. I was telling myself "Ok cool, I saw it, no big deal, shit now which way do I look?" she ran with that thing bouncing for a good minute. I said, "hey.. Before you get slapped on the face and get knocked out, put that thing back in" She turned around and said "what?" lol I said, your thing came out.. lol pointing towards it.. She turned so red, but to my surprised here reaction was "ohh, sorry, and put it back in" and acted like nothing happen. Two seconds later she said, "ok I am done, I am exhausted" and left. How long did she run? 15-20 minutes. LOL She'll be wearing a sweater next time. lol

But over all the run went great. :-) Not too bad for a first day back huh? LMAO


  1. Awesome first run of the year and marathon training! Still a nice pace but I know you can run faster than that. But you did great slowing down and listening to your body since you said your knees have been hurting. LMAO on the boob miles...poor girl. You are correct though, even though we dress to impress sometimes, we still need some fashion logic right? still lol...

  2. YAY my first comment. woohoo.. Thanks sweetie. I think the knee pain is from the Wii Fit. I will put this to the test later this week.

  3. Hi Israel. Good post. The first run is an important one because the future ones will be a lot easier. Good luck in your marathon preparation. You've now made the committment. My blog is if you want to check it out. Please take care. - Wayne

  4. LOL... What a great way to start off training! :o) I'm not sure what your training schedule is like, but I read a great comment from someone on DailyMile. Train for where you are at, not where you want to be. Check out some of the sites for what your pace for a marathon pace should be, based on your previous races. MacMillan is one of many. Best of Luck! I'll enjoy this as you train for your first!