Thursday, January 7, 2010

Second Run In Training

Ok, So I have been feeling tired for the past few days due to lack of sleep, which is mainly my fault but I got my behind out to the streets for a run this morning. I was feeling very tired and did not have the motivation to go out.. but I knew I had to put a run today. The weather was perfect for a run so I grabbed my gear and headed out.. This time I remember to wear the Heart Rate Monitor.

You can check the Garmin details here:  Garming Player

Everything was going ok for the first 2 blocks when I almost got ran over by a Verizon truck who simply decided to ignore the big and clear stop sign. All I could call him was a moron. The lack of sleep did show in this run having the need to to walk for a minute after every mile which killed my over all pace. I kept a pace of 8:40 but that minute did made a big difference.. Right now I am not that worried about the pace, I am more concerned about getting out there and run. Eventually I need to get my pace back up.

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