Monday, January 25, 2010

Late Night Core

I had to push myself very hard to do this tonight. The tiredness  from Sunday's 16 miler and today 5 miler got to me. I gave Jocelyn a bath tonight and got her ready for bed. Joyce did the usual book reading and tucked her in. While Joyce was reading the book to "Gizmo" get it? gremlin? lol. anyway.. I was getting ready to workout. As she came out I was really considering not doing it at all, but Joyce said "I am going to do some yoga" so I had not choice but to suck it up and get myself on that chinup bar.

My workout was light since I was really tired. I wanted to make sure I was getting up on time tomorrow morning. lol

The following is what I did:

50 Chinups

40 Knee Lifts

10 Pullups

5 Pole Grips

Now I am ready for a nice cup of coffee and my nice warm bed. :-)

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