Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lunch Time Run and Training 5 miles in 44:24 min.

I managed to put in my usual lunch run today. The run was great, I felt strong the whole time and managed to do some speed work. First 3 miles at a 8:30 I took a small walk after this. Mile four and five was 7:58-8:12 according to Nike...
I felt brave and set the machine to incline. LOL The dam thing would not stop rising and the machine was going at 8:12 pace. I had to pull the cord on this one because I could not slow it down or stop the machine.. When the person at the front desk saw me getting off she said.. "oh that machine is not good, they are coming to service it tomorrow or Sat" Now, why was she telling me this then rather than putting a freaking sign on it? Of curse I had to let the head of the department know.

Oh yeah.. I forgot my towel again.. This time I had forgotten my gym bag at the office the night before, so my towel was there but you did not want to use that towel today. lol specially after being in the same bag with sweaty clothes... UGHh.  So I had to use paper towels, AGAIN. lol, but got the job done.. lol

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