Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glen Island Long Run 14.05 mil (2:36)

I started out pretty good. My goal was to get to 3 miles nonstop, sadly a guy with a big dog was the cause for me to take a quick walk prior to the 2nd mile. My Garmin showed me the lap pace of each of the first 4 miles at 8:40. However after syncing the run, my pace showed a different pace.. oh well, I still finish faster than last week's long run.
Mile 13th and 14th were the longest today. My right foot's arch started hurting a lot making it very uncomfortable when running, but I managed to get home running.. lol

As I got to Glen Island I saw the same guy Joyce saw with two Great Danes coming out. This mini horses could have easily drag the 60something guy that was walking them. One of them looked towards me making me walk while keeping an eye on the dog.. The entrance to the park is a bridge and once in it there is no way off it but to either go back, get to the park or jump off.. The third one was going to be my only option if the freaking dog got loose and chased me.. lol.
Further into the park, a blond (lol) was coming in the opposite direction, she stopped me and said, "are those gloves?" I said "yes" what else could I have said?. she added "Oh wow, those are so cool, are those to keep your hands warm?"LMAO it was too easy to reply sarcastically, but I didn't I was having a good time and a good run so I just said, "cool huh?" lol.

When I got home a cold shower awaited me (no really, no hot water) I was already cold from the run so the cold shower was actually really good, my muscles needed it. The mean breakfast Joyce had cook was the cherry on top today.. "banana pancakes, eggs/bacon, banana slices and coffee" Oh did I mention that the egg was in the shape of a heart? I am a sucker for her affection so that really made my day.. Thanks baby.

Even though my run was better than last week, I was still slow.. my theory? I didn't run much throughout the week. I had only two 5 mile runs this week.. Let see how I'll do next week with more accumulated miles prior to the Long Run..

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  1. Israel, you're a warrior and made it through in one piece. Don't think about the time so much on the long runs. It's actually good in one way because of the amount of time being out there. Joyce is definitely supportive of what you're doing.

    Continued success with your training. I'll do my best to continue to encourage. The first marathon is one you'll never forget. Take care and have a good week ahead.