Friday, January 29, 2010

Lunch Time Run 8.39 mil (1:19hrs)

I was scheduled for a work order at the building next to the wellness center to troubleshoot a Dot Matrix Printer. Uuuggh.. Have I mention I hate printers?.. After seeing this on the schedule I was stresses, because I usually have a hard time with this printers.. "Why can't they just use regular laser printer? or email, it will save the environment" lol.  So I left at 1pm taking my bag with me because I knew I was going to be a while. I got there and the user explained the problems as I started pocking around I noticed that the printer was PAUSED.. lol this was the reason why she was not able to print anything. I did my magic move and clicked "resumed printing" lol TADA... "Who's your daddy, you evil printer?" Time that took me to fix this? 1 min no lie, it took me longer to get there then fixing the problem.

As I was printing some test pages, I got a call from the office about another work order. This one to be at the wellness center, in the fitness room from desk's PC. Hello I was going to be there during lunch.. HAHA. the order was scheduled for 3pm. but I took advantage of time and ran over right from the printer issue. I even changed into my workout clothes and fixed the problem with that PC. Luckily it didn't take me long either. I had a full 2 hrs now for a run.. whooohooo.. my lunch time and the time that was set aside for the work order.

I set out to do 10 miles. I took it easy, was not trying to impress anyone or set a new record. Sadly by mile 6 hunger became an issue. I was able to do an extra 2 miles to make it 8 before getting very dizzy from hunger, so I had to stop and call it quits.. Man.. I felt so blah.. for not being able to put out those two extra miles.. all I needed was another 18-20 min.. Anyway.. I still managed to put 8 right?

Now enjoying a nice set of sushi rolls..
1 Salmon
1 Yellow tail
1 Tuna
1 Alaska Roll.
mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm... Sunday will be a long run, but not as long as last sundays.. probably 10-12 miles.. Happy Friday every one. :-)

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