Friday, January 29, 2010

How In The World Did I Do This? Core Workout

This is by far the toughest core workout I have ever done in 6 years. Yes, I am aware that some who will read this will be laughing and saying.. "WTF is he talking about? this is nothing" lol.. But, lets keep in mind that I am again a beginner to this.

Now, I read a blog earlier today about how to achieve a Pullup and how hard it is compared to a Chinup. Yes a Pullup is harder than a Chinup, and for the past 3 weeks, I have been a witness to this. Being able to only do a total of 10 Pullups in a 3 week period, and we are talking about doing 5 at a time here. I set out to push it to the limit (at least my limit). I decided to start with the Pullups tonight rather than the Chinups. I ended up doing 35 regular Pullups. Yes you read correct; from 10 to 35. That was a big jump. I managed to do 2 full sets, followed by a set of 9 Pullups and then 6 more.


I continued my workout by doing leg raises. I did 50 of this suckers. By the time I got to the Chinups, my arms did not want to pull any more, and I don't blame them. I was only able to do 2 sets. I tried really hard to push this but there was no way my arms could.  I took a small rest while I was searching the Fitness Pro App on my iphone for ideas on what to do next.

I decided "Pushups" I was very tired at this point and did 30 regular Pushups, then I went for 10 more Pushups with my feet elevated. Before I started this guys I took the camera and set it up to record while I was doing them. I wanted to see that I was doing them right. As I finished the only 10 I was planning to do, I noticed that the camera did not record anything. So I set it up again and did another 10 to later find out that it had happend again. So this time I made sure the cam was recoding and started a new set but could not finish 10, lol I managed to do only 8 and I was about to cry on my way up on that last one. Joyce was laughing when I showed her the clip.

My arms are sore like they have never felt before, but it does feel good to have done it.. Now my question is. Was this too much? or is it still too little?

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