Thursday, April 29, 2010

Warming Up For The Big Day 3.21 Mil (28:19 min)

This is the first run since Sunday's 7 miler. I have been resting the legs to make sure my ankle will get plenty of rest and feel good on the big day. I was planning to do this run while I waited for Joyce to pick me up, but strong winds kept me indoors. I did my run at home on the treadmill before Jocelyn went to bed. Jocelyn asked to run first. LOL she looked so cute running. Saturday is her debut :-) I hope get tons of pictures and videos.

I took advantage of the iFit feature on the treadmill and set it up to do a short mapped run around the neighborhood. The run was a bit short of 3 miles but had some small hills. I added the difference to make 3.21 miles. I kept my pace a 8:57 minutes per mile to see how the ankle and foot would feel. After 2 miles I moved up to 8:48 min for mile till the end of the run. My ankle felt ok, I was able to keep the pace with no problem.

Not much to say about this run but "it felt good" No run tomorrow but Saturday another 3-4 miles. But I may do this tomorrow instead to have Saturday as a rest day. I guess I will play it by ear.

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