Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Long Run Before Marathon

I planned for a 10 mile run today, but didn't work out the way I wanted. I started at home because it was raining. I wanted to try the new shoes, and the treadmill seamed like a good idea. I tried the new pouch for the Nike+ sensor as well. I started out with my regular pace and was feeling great, the shoes felt great as well. I decided to check the Nike band after mile 1and noticed that the band was showing only .56 out of the whole mile. I stopped to checked it. I ended the workout on the band and restarted again and kept going.. Mile two came up and the band only picked up .17 out of the 2nd mile. I re-linked the band and the sensor and the band and seemed to fixed the problem. As I got close to mile 3, Jocelyn began to complain that it was getting cold in the house. I was getting really hot and they were getting cold.

I felt bad that they were cold and decided to hit the street. It seemed like the rain had stopped, but it looked cold. So I put on a set warmer and dryer clothes. Yes, I took the new shoes with me.. lol. I ran to the park and was tempted to keep going towards the bridge to make it a 6 mile run, but noticed too many branches and some flooding on the path, so I headed back after mile 2 to make it a 4 mile run on top of the 3 miles I already had on the treadmill.

I started mile 4 a bit too fast without noticing it. I was a bit shocked to see that I pulled a mile under 8 minutes after 3 miles. So, I slowed down, the goal today was not to get a new PR but to just run and try not to injure myself eve more. When I looked out of he window before heading out, it looked like it was not raining at all, but once out there, I got wet. lol I didn't get that tightness on my calf or pain on my shin so I was a very happy camper :-)

The splits are as follow.. Please not that the first 3 miles are estimates, since I could not use my Garmin and they are bases on the time it took me to complete them.

Mile 1: 9.33
Mile 2: 9:33
Mile 3: 9:33
Mile 4: 7:38
Mile 5: 9:35
Mile 6: 9:20
Mile 7: 10:20

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