Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lunch Time Run At Home 6.22 mil (58:10 min)

Today I spent the day at home with Jocelyn, too long to explain. lol Anyway.. Jocelyn was up by 7:45 and she was non stop. I got get her to lay down with me on the bed for a bit while watching Nick Jr. She got me to get up around 8:30 am. We both got to enjoy a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I had a small but busy agenda for today.

1- Clean the snow off the car and parking spot
2- Fold and dispose of the big box the treadmill came in
3- Clean up the house a bit. (sweep and mop included)
4- Put in a run
5- Meet up with my dad and pick up his car from the shop

Jocelyn was not complaining about going outside and clean the snow off the car. As a matter of fact, this was the only time I had no problem getting her to do something. We didn't spend too much time doing this. Joyce was a big help specially getting the snow off the hood.
She was having so much fun that even after I was done I had to let her run around for a while. I had to call it quits for her when she started to clean the other cars with my ice scraper. LOL Don't worry she was doing a window but I was afraid she was going to hit the paint.. You can see more pics of our little fun here.

I got Jocelyn to agree to come in by offering her to play Wii Sports Resort. lol. Next was the box for me.. The was was huge and pretty thick. Folding it was no easy task. Took me a good 20 min to get this done. Of curse Jocelyn came to help as soon as she saw me making a mess with the box.  After getting the box and all the recycling ready to go, I moved to sweeping and mopping. Now the house is nice and clean and it's Joyce approved.. LOL

Time was going fast so I had to get my run asap. I didn't get to eat lunch before my run so I had to depend on gatorade for the entire run. I had to meet my dad by 5pm and it was already 2:30. My run got interrupted several times by the little gremlin I call Jocelyn.. bathroom, I want a banana, were some of the things I had to stop for. Not including her trying to jump on the treadmill while it was running..
I Barely got to finish my run and shower, but I was happy I got to do it. Once again I got to move up to 3rd place on the Nike challenge.

My pace today was a bit slower than yesterday, but I think not having lunch or anything to eat before the run had a lot to do with it. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. F
For now it's almost bed time for us, but before going to be we decided to make some funny faces for the camera. LOL  here is one of them ..

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