Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Run On Our New Treadmill 6.28 mil (55.38 mi)

Ok first things first. (I love this new machine) LOL

With snow and high winds on the forecast, it was no brainer for us to decide to do our run indoors.. :). It was kind of weird to be at home running. But once I hit the first mile it was all good.. It began to get really hot in here but I managed to get to 3 miles before pausing the workout to open the window. Ten minutes later it got way too cold so I had to pause again and raise it just a bit.. The rest of the run was great..

I did not feel the workout at all. Perhaps because I felt right at home. Oh wait, I was at home..LMAO.. time flew while Jocelyn and I were watching X-Men Evolution on the Disney Channel. Being next to the window was great too, I got to see the snow fall and the people outside trying to get their cars out of the snow. I am loving this new toy/investment we did. I could have done 8 miles but I was afraid to over do it and hurt the area where the blister is so I stopped at 10K. The foot did not bother me at all thank God, so we'll shoot more 8 miles on the next run.

Joyce is next on the TM....

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