Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strength Workouts with The Wii Fit Plus/Chin-up Bar

So, I was feeling very lazy after spending the day with Jocelyn. I had to go for a run but was so tired from the day and again lazy that I just could not get myself out of the house. I was planning on running on the TM at the gym but oh well. After Jocelyn went to sleep, Joyce said that she was planning on doing some bike and asked if I was going to do at least some core stuff. I started thinking, "Hey I have the Wii Fit, lets put it to use". 

My workout was short and consisted of the following:

Single Leg Extensions (2 Sets of 10)
Torso Twist (6 Reps)
Torso Twist Diagonally (6 Reps)
Rowing Squads (15 Reps)

10 Suspended Reversed Crunches (to show how to do this for Joyce)

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