Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunch Time Run 5.03 mil (46:01 min)

Now, I know my Nike+ band is not calibrated correctly.. I know I did this run with a better pace..
To beging with, my body felt extremely slow at the beginning of the run. Body was asking for more speed. I didn't want to start too hard so I started my run at pace of 8:57 for the first mile.  My 2nd mile I moved to 8:49 pace. When I got to 3.5 miles I moved to 8:34, and I was still feeling ok. I am guessing all Treadmills are slightly different when it comes to speed, but for some reason it felt like I was running slower than I was at home.

I took a quick .10 walk after mile 3 but kept my pace at 8:34 till 3.5, then moved up to (7.1 speed) not sure what the pace is at that speed..  At mile 4 I took another quick .10 walk and resumed my run at 8:20 pace 'till 8.80 where I moved up to 7:42 pace for the remaining of my run. I forgot to write down the TM's info but I know it had to be different. Maybe not by much but like I always say, a min makes a big difference in a race.

I have the feeling I will be moving up on my pace pretty soon.. I hope.. As I mentioned on another blog post, I have been struggling with my pace.. I have a race on Sunday and I am hopping my pace will be better then before.

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